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Mexico change things up before facing Costa Rica

The Mexico national team will go to Cuernavaca to combat altitude problems.

Hotel Camino Real Sumiya in Cuernavaca
Rafael Hernandez

Mexico will go to Sumiya, Cuernavaca to prepare against the challenge of altitude for their game on Friday at the Estadio Azteca against Costa Rica. In the past, Mexican players playing in Europe had complained about the altitude, prompting the Mexican federation to ponder a move away from the Azteca.

Mexico’s history in Cuernavaca isn't new. They had stayed there before, most notably during the 1999 Confederations Cup where they set their base in Camino Real Hotel in Sumiya.

Cuernavaca is more than 2,000 ft lower in altitude than Mexico City, but just one hour away from the southern part of Mexico City where the Azteca is located. It was a logical choice to find an answer to the problem.

In other news, Juan Carlos Osorio confirmed that Marco Fabian and Jesus "Tecatito" Corona missing the game was planned because of injury, even though they both played this weekend. The news shouldn't be all that surprising as Fabian had been injured almost all of 2017, while Corona missed the Champions League game against Juventus though injury. Also added to the injury list was PSV midfielder Andres Guardado.

Mexico will face Costa Rica on Friday in their first home game of the Hexagonal round of qualifiers. They will then travel to Trinidad and Tobago four days layer.