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Xolos 0, Monarcas 2 - Copa MX: Highlights and box score

Tijuana played well but it wasn’t to be, as goals by Miguel Sansores and Cristian Penilla put Monarcas through.

Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente press release

Tijuana’s Copa MX dreams ran up against a flawless performance by Morelia goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa, who stole the show and saw Monarcas advance to the 2017 Clausura Copa MX semifinal by a score of 2-0.

Tijuana dominated the first half, imposing their will on Monarcas. Xolos first chance came in the seventh minute when Paul Arriola got unleashed a shot in the box that went askew, however it hit teammate Avilés Hurtado and the ricochet went over the bar. Ten minutes later Hurtado would have a tough angle shot across his body go just wide of goal.

In the 21st minute, Guido Rodríguez got his head on Nacho Malcorra’s free kick, however it sailed just over the bar. Milton Caraglio also had a header in the 27th minute that went straight to Monarcas goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa. at the end of the half, Xolos was awarded an indirect free kick just inside of the 18 yard box. Hurtado tipped the ball to Rodríguez, who put a rocket on frame that was tipped over by Sosa.

Monarcas woke up in the second half, however. In the 53rd minute, Monarcas would get their first chance of the evening when Mario Osuna’s header went wide of the goal.

In the 67th minute Cristian Penilla was able to beat a defender one on one and ring a shot off of the post, however luckily for Tijuana the loose ball was cleared before any damage could be done.

Disaster struck in the following minute, when Miguel Sansores got a pass at the top of the 18, turned, and fired a low shot in the far corner that Gibran Lajud couldn’t reach.

In the 73rd minute, Cristian Penilla came in unmarked and hit a laser past Lajud to put Monarcas up 2-0.

In the 81st minute, Hurtado had a header off of a curling free kick go just wide of the goal. Guido Rodríguez had a shot blocked in the 85th minute, and Sosa made a great save on the resulting free kick.

In the 88th minute, Henry Martín hit a bicycle kick in the box but Sebastián Sosa stopped it cold. It just wasn’t going to be Tijuana’s night, and Morelia advances to face Cruz Azul in the semifinal of the Copa MX.

Xolos: Gibran Lajud; Juan Pablo Meza, Carlos Vargas (Henry Martín, 73’), Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Michael Orozco, Paul Arriola (Juan Martín Lucero, 56’); Guido Rodríguez, Joe Corona (Matías Pisano, 76’), Victor Malcorra; Avilés Hurtado, Milton Caraglio

Monarcas Morelia: Sebastián Sosa; Gerardo Rodríguez, Facundo Erpen, Carlos Morales, Ignacio González; David Cabrera, Juan Pablo Rodríguez (Rodolfo Vilchis, 66’), Cristian Penilla, Mario Osuna; Miguel Sansores (Luis Gabriel Rey, 83’), Gastón Lezcano (Jorge Zárate, 59’)

Scoring: Xolos - None; Monarcas - Miguel Sansores (68’), Cristian Penilla (75’)

Disciplinary: Xolos - Carlos Vargas (Yellow, 47’); Monarcas - Sebastián Sosa (Yellow, 45’), David Cabrera (Yellow, 71’)