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Mexico U-20 defender Ulises Rivas talks U.S. defeat and match against El Salvador.

After the match against the United States, Mexico's Ulises Torres, from Club America, spoke a few words to media about the defeat and what they will do to change things against El Salvador on Wednesday.

On the game against the US and how they felt during the match

We knew what this game signified to them. It was a very tough game where we couldn't play for X or Y reason. There was a lot of contact. It's not necessarily that we gave a bad game but it wasn’t the game that we expected to give.

On the mental state of the team for the El Salvador match

Yes, we know that on Wednesday we have an important match. We have to win it to have any possibility to reach the World Cup. It's a final so it's best to turn the page on this game and to face the game on Wednesday with all the focus.

On what aspect of the game do they need to improve on Wednesday

I think it will be the accuracy to take the chances when they present themselves, and if things don't start falling into place, to keep a cool head and not to play into the rival's game.

Like against Honduras in the first half, did the United States pressing hurt you guys?

No, we knew that the United States could go out and pressure us. It was all the contact and the kicks that made the game one that we didn’t expect or like. We like to play so it was the main factor for the defeat.

El Salvador comes with the advantage of three days rest while you are going in with only a day. Are you prepared for that?

Yes, we have a work pattern that backs us up. They have that advantage but we have the motivation of going for a great result because we know that if we win we have the possibility of a World Cup berth and maybe a final.