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Mexico vs. United States, CONCACAF U-20 Championship: Reaction and quotes

After the 1-0 loss to the United States, Marco Antonio Chima Ruiz talked to the press to give some points about the defeat and the upcoming game against El Salvador on Wednesday.

On the game against the United States

Suddenly you have these games, games where there are a lot of clashes and the play gets stopped a lot. And it got decided by a set play. In this case, the USA took advantage of it.

On facing El Salvador on Wednesday

It's on us. There nothing left but to recuperate, leave this behind. We can't change this. We have to recuperate physically and mentally for another tough match, but we have all the hope, all the intent, and all the confidence to revert the situation.

On not having the spaces tactically to maneuver:

Well, the United States did their part, very physical and a lot of stopping play. We fell into their kind of game and that didn't benefit us. We play a different game but qualifiers are like this. Like I said, this was decided by a mistake on a set play and they took advantage.

On going into a key game with so little time in between:

We have to do it. I think that I have a very mature team that will probably take out their spirit and continue to show what they had been doing. Like I said, the team was playing very well in the tournament. You only have one mistake and it cost you a game. We have to change that from one day to the next and we will.

Mexico was affected by the pressing from the United States for almost 70 minutes, what do expect now from El Salvador going to it with the advantage of having a lot more time?

Yes, well what I'm saying that they have an advantage, so has the United States, but we can't be looking for excuses. That is the way it goes. That's the way we have to face things and I have a capable team that based on it's football will be able to take this.