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Mexico U-20 coach Marco Antonio Ruiz shares his thoughts ahead of CONCACAF U-20s second round

Marco Antonio Ruiz

The Mexico U-20 coach shared some thoughts to media after the victory against Honduras.

On going through as group leaders and with no goals allowed:

It's Important for us. To get our first objective, which was to qualify to the next round and accomplish it by winning the group. It's important for us, but now comes the most important thing and those are the games that determine the tickets to the World Cup. We need to get the team ready physically during these three days to arrive in the perfect conditions.

On Ronaldo Cisneros:

It's important what Ronaldo adds, but for Ronaldo to score, their needs to be cohesion from his teammates. That means always trying to go forward even when they were situations like today with lots of kicks. The team always tries to play their game but the rival also counts.

On the US and El Salvador:

We will have time to analyze once the teams are already set. We know to get the ticket and meet our goals we have to beat everybody and we are prepared to do so.

On the support from Liga MX clubs:

Fortunately, we have always counted with the support of the clubs. Sometimes the dates of these tournaments and the regular season of Liga MX complicate things and we left players that are starters in Liga MX team in teams like Santos, Pachuca and Monterrey. I preferred team chemistry and decided to go with my base that has been playing under me for a year and a half. Of the ones who have been playing in first division, only Edson Alvarez was incorporated because he's the one who has been part of this process and knows how we play.

The game with the US is key because a victory gives Mexico about 90% of the ticket to the World Cup, considering they would only need a point after that. How important is it to mentally prepare the team for this game?

Fortunately we have a generation of players that have already lived through similar circumstances. Half or more than half of the team I have are players that already went through a CONCACAF U-17 qualifying process and a World Cup. They know what this is about. They know we know we have two games where we have to have total concentration and total confidence. And I see a team very compromised and aware of themselves.