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Mexico qualify to next round of CONCACAF U-20s after 5-0 thrashing of Canada

Mexico wins 5-0 to grab their ticket to the next round.

Mexico and Canada enter the pitch for their 2nd game of the tournament
Rafael Hernandez

Mexico played one of their best games at any youth category as they crushed Canada 5-0 to clinch a spot in the second round of the CONCACAF U-20s.

El Tri started well but missed some chances until they scored the first goal. Thereafter, they completely controlled the game. Canada, who went into this game needing a win or at least a draw, played well defensively but once Mexico scored, it was all Mexico.

With the result, Mexico has six points and a 8+ goal differential, which means a draw against Honduras will win them the group.

Mexico was the favorite coming in, and while Canada needed to get points to stay alive in the tournament, they couldn't take control of the game. Uriel Antuna had a fantastic game and was giving the Canadian defense fits. Yet Mexico wasn't creating much chances, except for a barrage of low passes into the box that missed everyone.

Finally, in the 36th minute, a great cross by Diego Aguilar found a wide open Sebastian Cordova for the first goal goal. A couple of minutes later, a great play by Antuna found Ronaldo Cisneros for the second goal. The goal was arguably the best of the game and was the third for Cisneros in the tournament.

After the goal, Mexico totally dominated, playing their best soccer so far. The second half continued with the great play, as Canada could do nothing but defend against Mexico's fast and dynamic play.

After some close plays, substitute Kevin Lara came in and started causing havoc through his side, just as Antuna had done before. A Lara cross was then headed by Cordova. The Canadian keeper stopped his effort, but Cisneros was there to score the rebound.

Canada started pressuring, helped by some really shaky play by goalkeeper Fernando Hernandez. Still, Hernandez came in big with a save and then a great counter attack was finished by Claudio Zamudio who scored the fourth. That goal finished Canada completely, and the fifth and final goal came through Eduardo Aguirre to clinch a wonderful performance for Mexico.

While the level of play in this U-20 Tournament should be taken into account, the fact of the matter is that this was Mexico's best game at this level in a while. Offensively, Mexico really clicked. Canada played well enough to almost earn a draw against Honduras, but here, they were demolished.

While Mexico still needs to improve in some aspects, like finishing their early chances, offensively they were superb and the coaching staff really needs to work on the team not falling off their level. The only worrying part was the shakiness at goalkeeper. Hernandez made some elementary mistakes that could have gifted Canada a goal. Still, it's a promising start for a team that has accomplished their first goal of reaching the next round and has so far shown to be the best of all 12 teams in this tournament.