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Puebla and America end on a stalemate

For the second game in a row, las Aguilas de Club America failed to come out victorious. Facing a last place Puebla side on Saturday, America settled for a 0-0 draw.

Puebla, who faces a relegation battle, continued their winless streak as this draw hands the team only their third point in six games. America, who lost to Chiapas 2-0 on Tuesday, now has two consecutive games without a goal.

Other than a close range block on a tap in from Cecilio Dominguez and a blocked shot on a header from Francisco Acuña, the first half offered little from either offense as both defenses secured its side of the field.

Gabriel Esperaza almost sunk in the go-ahead goal a minute into the second half for Puebla when he let off a high sailing attempt. Agustin Marchesin tried to block the ball by leaping with his right hand outstretched, but the ball went past his guard. However, the ball met the top post at an angle and bounced a few centimeters shy outside the net.

La Franja showed little concern of ending with a draw so they at times left four defenders at the back to keep the 0-0 score.

Ricardo La Volpe tried subbing on Silvio Romero for William Da Silva near the last 15 minutes of the game to draw the offense to the middle. The strategy failed to give the offense a burst as Puebla played the game mostly on America’s half to conclude the game.

No other shot for Puebla, or America came as close as Esperaza’s from ending the deadlocked score. The draw to Puebla brings America to seven points for the season prior to facing Chivas next week.