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An open letter to Juan Carlos Osorio

Rigo Ayala is not the biggest fan of Juan Carlos Osorio and he tells you why.

Mexico v Chile: Quarterfinals - Copa America Centenario Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Dear Mr. Osorio,

Originally, when I set out to write this letter, I was going to do so to advocate a call-up for a certain player. In the midst of writing it though, you released your list and I noticed he was not there. Along with said player not being there, there were some other call-ups that made me want to pull my hair. Look, your time at the helm of the Mexico National team has been a tumultuous one. Mediocre results, coupled with a streak that was a farce, all came together and resulted in what was the most embarrassing defeat for Mexico in an international tournament.

Now, I thought this would all be left in 2016, but you have once again proven me wrong with your first call-up for 2017. This isn’t the first time you have put out a list that has been controversial, but I thought you would have learned from your mistakes.

Let’s go down the line and talk about who you should have called and who you should have not.

Should have

Javier “La Chofis” Lopez - Easily one of the brightest young talents in Mexico. Chofis’s level has risen over the last 12 months and has currently cemented his starting spot in a Chivas team that’s littered with talent. There currently is nobody in Mexico that has all the abilities that he has, from being able to take on players and leave them in his tracks, to amazing vision and ball placement. He is the closest thing Mexico has to a player the likes of Messi and you once again made the mistake to not take him.

Cesar Montes – Why? Explain why you did not take him ahead of some of the other defenders. Cesar Montes had an outstanding Olympics with the U-23 team. He’s become one of the best Mexican defenders in Mexico and is only 19. You say you like your defenders to be able to have good ball control and play from the back. Cesar excels in those area, but no, you choose Hugo Ayala and Nestor Araujo over him.

Rodolfo Cota – Are you kidding me? Why would you not call up Rodolfo Cota. This keeper has been lights out for Chivas. If it wasn’t for him, Chivas last two seasons might have been a lot worse. Cota is averaging less than a goal per game and has the ball control to play the ball from his box that you supposedly look for. But no, you chose to go with Hugo Gonzalez, who barely even starts for his team.

I don’t want to litter this letter with Chivas players, so I will make mentions of other players in my “should not” section.

Should Not

Rafa Marquez – Does Rafa need to be called up to a game against Iceland? No he doesn’t. So why call him up. Do you need him to be a player coach, so he can do your job? Maybe that’s it. Maybe so he can light a fire under the young players in this squad you have been unable to do. Moving forward please do not call Rafa Marquez up and if you do, please only allow him to play 45 minutes, the final 45 minutes so he can score a goal for the team because we all know your tactics haven’t exactly brought on the goals.

Alan Pulido – This is a hot take, I know, but above being a Chivas fan, I am a realist. Remember when Pulido was in Greece, scoring goals like every weekend but because you couldn’t grow a set and challenge the FMF, so you wouldn’t call him up (good times). Well now you have chosen to call him and let’s be real, he’s not having that great of a season. Of Chivas’s front three, hes probably having the least stellar season behind Zaldivar and Chofis. I’m sure your rebuttal is, well Mexico was in need of forwards since Oribe Peralta wasn’t allowed to come. Ok, well first of all stop calling up Oribe Peralta to begin with, hes 34. Secondly, you could have called up Chofis, who honestly deserved it more.

Everyone on Defense (Except Jurgen Damm) – I get it, the defensive pool for talent in Mexico is scarce, the two best defenders play in Europe and wouldn’t be making the trip. So what did you do, you picked names out of a hat. You had to. First of all, none of the guys you called up are better than Cesar Montes, previously mentioned. Secondly, Oswaldo Alanis, is not better than Jair Pereira, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. Jair Has been a stalwart of Chivas backline since he arrived, but you don’t see it. Lastly, Raul “Dedos” Lopez lost the starting spot to Chapo Sanchez, was traded away, but you don’t even give Chapo Sanchez a chance. You can’t say this is about age, because you called up Rafa Marquez. This whole defensive line you called is questionable, but what else can be expected from you.

I will say this Mr. Osorio, it wasn’t all bad. I happen to like the call up of Edson Alvarez, Orbelin Pineda and Erick Gutierrez. So I think your midfield will be solid, something that has not been the case for Mexico under your time as manager. Well thank you for your time and for the high blood pressure. I hope this letter finds you well and you take something away from it for your next call up.


Rigo Ayala