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Chivas Guadalajara welcome Gael Sandoval signing

Gael Sandoval is Chivas’ latest signing.

Chivas took to Twitter to make it official. Gael Sandoval is the newest signing for Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara after reaching an agreement with Santos Laguna for the 22-year-old. Chivas will give up Jose Juan ‘Gallito’ Vazquez to Santos Laguna in exchange for Sandoval.

Chivas classily departed with Gallito Vazquez posting a video with some of his best moments.

Sandoval is originally from Guadalajara, and is a breath of fresh air for Matias Almeyda’s side, who weren’t at their best form in this Apertura. Almeyda also thanked Vasquez in front of the locker room and welcomed the signing of Sandoval at the end of Chivas’ last regular season game.

It only made sense for Chivas to sign Sandoval, after the youngster was the Mexican player with the most assists a season ago. This move it may also give Sandoval the opportunity to get more looks from a European club after his brief stint in 2013 with AS Roma had left him inspired. He is scheduled to meet up with Chivas on the 17th of next month following a medical.

Is this a good signing for Chivas or have they regressed losing Gallito Vazquez?