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Miguel Herrera's press conference after America vs Cruz Azul

America’s coach looked happy after beating Cruz Azul once again.

Miguel Herrera takes question after America’s 1-0 win over Cruz Azul
Rafael Hernandez

After beating Cruz Azul 1-0 and qualifying to the Quarterfinals of Copa MX, “Piojo” Herrera looked as relaxed as he could be. Like Jemez, Herrera was happy in how his team played, which leads to the question that if both coaches are happy with the play, why was the game so disappointing? The short press conference showed how confident Herrera is in his team play, unlike the game against Chivas, but he might need to look more into how the team's play got benefited by Cruz Azul's red card.

Here are some of the highlights from the Press conferences after the game.

-How do you see this America team in this Copa MX tournament?

It was a very disputed game and that's how we expected it. We knew Cruz Azul was going to be different from the side that played in Estadio Azul. We tried but weren't as precise in defining chances. It was an even game and obviously the red card gave us the opportunity to manage the game.

-You say the red card helped you but you've said that this type of games you have to win them and you had the most chances and could've scored more. How does that leave you?

I'm calm because the team did what it had to do. Cruz Azul is a solid strong team that started hurting us with longballs and we have to be more cautious defending free kicks.

-How does this help your teams self esteem to have such a good October, even after losing to Necaxa, in regards to what's coming next?

We're good and strong. We talked and saw the video of the Necaxa game, they only had two chances at goal but we had a lack of concentration. Today I thought the team was ready for it and it's not a situation of just winning. We have to win this game but I think we did a good job and won well today. We had some chances that we couldn't finish them off. We wanted to but couldn't.

-Coming up is the key game with Monterrey, in what does America need to improve?

Today we need to work in being more precise in those scoring opportunities. We also need to know that the more time we have the ball, we can play better. Besides we can't give the ball to Monterrey, they are a very tough team with a great forward line.