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Miguel Herrera’s press conference after America/Chivas

Coach Miguel Herrera sits down to talk to the press
Rafael Hernandez

America won the Clásico Nacional against Chivas 2-1 and one of the happiest men should've been coach Miguel "Piojo" Herrera. But although he was certainly happy, it was a look more of relief from a man who knew that his team hadn't played as well as Chivas.

Here are some of the highlights from the Press conferences after the game(Press questions are in bold):

- Your team has been accustomed to winning, no matter how well they are playing, good or bad, they win. Are you proud of that tonight?

I'm proud of the team giving it all and putting the effort tonight. We didn't play the best game but like I said during the week, this games you have to win them and it's important that our fans are happy now. We knew it wasn't going to be easy and we recognized they were better for 60 minutes of the game, then for like 10 minutes we were better and then it got even.

-We saw you on the field a little worried. What did you say to turn things around for the team.

I wasn't worried, I was occupied in figuring out why we weren't reacting, we looked like we were asleep. They had a good dynamic and we couldn't string two passes together and looked like we wanted to score with the big play. At halftime I had strong words and later on the team appeared. We managed it well and we have some good players.

- Why wait until the teams goes behind to have that reaction to the game.You think I would like to wait until falling behind?

No. They are just moments and one would like to play well all the time but if we play a bad game and win, that shows the team has a clear idea of what it wants.

-America is now one point away from superlider Monterrey. Besides the Liga MX title ,that is obviously the main goal, is the team obsessed with and wants to get to the Liguilla in first place?

I'm not obsessed with coming in at first place but if we can, we will try. We are one point away but Monterrey also has one game less than us. We are going to work to get the points we want, if it's enough to get the leader spot that's great but the important thing is to qualify and get to the Liguilla at our best level.

-The result is a win for America but what do you get out of getting outplayed by a team like Chivas that has had such a bad season.

They had a bad season but it doesn't mean they have played badly. They played badly some games but they didn't play bad last game and didn't deserve to lose but did. Today they played well, they are a good team and the current Liga MX champion and are a tough solid team. We didn't play and that leave us a lot to learn from but this games you have to win, the fans ask you to win it and we did.

-America is close to getting the goal of 30 points, virtually in the Liguilla and you won all three clasicos, do you think that at the moment you're reaching your goals, step by step.

Yeah we're doing it step by step but we are almost in and until it's not almost and we're in, we will keep working. The team is playing well at times, we'll try for it to be most of the time but we know what we're going for and with this team we are ready to show we are capable of going head to head with everyone.