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Lights out: Lobos BUAP 1, Club Tijuana 2

One of the weirder matches in recent memory sees Xolos break through a slump.

Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente press release

While Tijuana played with a four man back line the last time out against Veracruz, manager Eduardo Coudet reverted to a five man back line with the added center back. It paid dividends early on the small pitch at Estadio Universitario BUAP, as Xolos was able to continually pressure Lobos early and retain possession. They’d capitalize on this just three minutes in when Pantera Bou broke Xolos scoreless drought at 292 minutes when he got his head on the end of a great cross in from Nacho Malcorra.

Shortly after the goal, the referees stopped the match due to three of the four sets of floodlights in the stadium failing to turn on.

After about an hour, play resumed with most of the lights on. Lobos BUAP would be the ones to apply pressure early, however even in the end where some of the lights were not on, Xolos defense held firm. Lobos would only get a few long-range shots that were largely hopeful.

In the 38th minute, Xolos would get their second goal when Pantera Bou was sprung down the left side. He made a fantastic move toe gain space and get behind his defender and draw the other defender over to him before calmly passing across to the onrushing Miller Bolaños. Bolaños was so wide open that he had time to calmly gather the ball and tap it home for Xolos second goal of the night.

This seemed to light a fire under Lobos, who would really start applying pressure. They were able to get some decent looks by crossing the ball into the box toward Julian Quiñones, who got a couple of decent headers on goal. One missed just wide while another went just over the bar. In the 4th minute though Amaury Escoto lost his mark and was able to head a ball from deep in past Gibran Lajud to draw Lobos BUAP within one.

As if the night couldn’t get weirder, because the match was supposed to be over by the time it cut to the half Univision Deportes cut to the Pumas - León match, and kept the Lobos BUAP - Xolos match in the corner of the screen for most of the time it was playing.

The second half saw Lobos start out with good possession and get a couple of decent looks at goal, but Xolos was able to quickly compensate and shut down the attacks. Xolos had a couple of decent looks at goal, but mainly looked comfortable trying to hit Lobos on the counter. As Lobos threw more and more forward, Xolos were able to gain chances. Gustavo Bou had a great look in stoppage, but his shot trickled just wide of Jorge Villalpando’s goal.

At the end it was Gibran Lajud making a fantastic save on a last-ditch shot by Lobos BUAP seconds before the final whistle blew that secured Xolos first win in over a month. Xolos now head to Guadalajara to face Atlas on Friday, while Lobos BUAP will host Cruz Azul on Saturday.

Lobos BUAP: Jorge Villalpando; Heriberto Olvera (Carlos Morales, 63’), Luís Advincula, Francisco Rodríguez, Eduardo Tercero, Rodrigo Godínez (Diego Jiménez, 67’); Juan Carlos Medina, Alfonso Sánchez (Alfonso Tamay. 63’), Jonathan Fabbro; Julian Quiñones, Amaury Escoto

Club Tijuana: Gibran Lajud; Damián Pérez, Emanuel Aguilera, Alejandro Donatti, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Juan Carlos Núñez; Alejandro Guido (Michael Orozco, 78’); Victor Malcorra, Miller Bolaños (Juan Iturbe, 72’), Luis Chávez (Joe Corona, 67’); Gustavo Bou

Scoring: Lobos BUAP - Amaury Escoto (44’); Club Tijuana - Gustavo Bou (2’), Miller Bolaños (38’)

Disciplinary: Lobos BUAP - Juan Carlos Medina (Yellow - 34’); Club Tijuana - Emanuel Aguilera (Yellow - 34’), Gibran Lajud (Yellow - 43’)