Second Opinion- Toluca v. America: Jan 17 Week 2- Diablos hold on as insurgence from America came too little too late

Here's some needed opinion of the Toluca-America game this past weekend, Jan. 17

Darwin’s Popularity is decreasing, fresh legs are needed out there

La Volpe’s 11 began all too familiar out the back, using the same line-up used in the Apertura 2016 Christmas Final thriller v. Tigres. However, his midfield and front line seemed sluggish to start the evening. Upon getting numbers ahead on the counter in the first half, Darwin Quintero’s "scientific" ideas showed his lag from off the field rumors onto the pitch. He had 2 clear opportunities to net at least one goal for Las Aguilas but failed to capitalize. Those types of "counter-offensive" plays have made Darwin into the prolific player that sprouted him in his old Santos days. Lately, his uncanny balance to share the ball with the rest of the players on the field as well as exploit defenses on the counter has provided his much-needed departure from America. If the San Jose Earthquakes want Darwin, as rumor has it, most America fans can agree, they can have him.

America needs that last touch in the final third, Cecilio and Macuello couldn’t be a more perfect fit

14 shots and 3 on goal as opposed to 15 shots and 5 on goal provides a tight scoreline in the America-Toluca game. But sports analysts fail to mention this in their final game review. America came out to try to win the game on the second half, having shown a horrific first half with 2 goals from the opposition outside the box. In the final third, The Coapa team seemed emphatic to keep the pressure tight on the Toluca defense, however they were missing that last essential pass or run. The two South American players in the last sprint of the transfer window, Cecilio Dominguez and Federico Macuello, could be the missing piece La Volpe’s squad needs to really hurt Liga MX teams on the press offensive. If any of these transfers get done (nonetheless if both do,) America could be one of the most offensive driven teams in Mexico, and one to definitely fear come down Liguilla time