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Mexico FIFA 17 Ratings - Best 11

Player Ratings are out. This is Mexico’s best squad using FIFA 17.

Luis Hernandez
Highest rated Mexican. El Matador is an 87. I’m hoping his hair looks just as good in FIFA17 as it did in the 90s.

I went with a 433 formation for this article.


  • Memo Ochoa (80) is the starter and +3 better than his backup, Alfredo Talavera. Jonathan Orozco also has a 77 rating in the game.

Left Back

  • Miguel Layun (81) is by far the best option Mexico has at Left Back. Sure he can play at other positions but he provides the best value there. Luis Fuentes is #2 with a 73 rating and the out of form Torres Nilo is a 72.

Center Back

  • Hector Moreno (80) and Diego Reyes (78) are the starters with Ayala (74), Araujo (74), Salcedo (73) and Montes (73) close behind. FIFA 17 has Rafa Marquez (73) and his 34 PACE, listed as a defensive midfielder. Still better than the 28 PACE Blanco got in FIFA15.

Right Back

  • Paul Aguilar (76) is the clear choice at RB. He is +4 over Israel Jimenez (72), Enrique Perez (72), and Dedos Lopez (72). The Fullbak positions are barren for Mexico with not much depth behind the clear starter.


  • El Principito (82), Herrera (80), and Jona (80) form the midfield. Guardado and HH are positioned as CMs but Jona is listed as a RM. Other options in the midfielder are: Aquino (LM-76), Gutierrez (CM-76), Gallito (DM-75), Fabian (CAM-75), and Pizarro (CM-74). El Kaiser de Michoacan is listed as a DM and is rated 73.


  • Chicharito (83) is the head of the attack that features Tecatito (80) and Vela (81). Gio (79) and Raul Jimenez (79) are close behind. Peralta (76) and Lozano (76) are the next tier.


  • Moises Munoz and Conejo Perez have the trait “Pushes Up For Corners.” If anyone scores with Conejo, please send video proof my way.
  • Moreno and both Dos Bros are labeled “Injury Prone.”
  • Jona (83) and Guardado (82) have the highest “Vision” rating.
  • Gio has the highest FK Accuracy, 80.

Think FIFA 17 did a good job with their ratings?