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Top 10 Mexican Players

Going Into The Hex, Here are Mexico’s 10 Best

Soccer: Mexican National Team-Paraguay vs Mexico Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Every month, Cesar Hernandez collaborates with others to rank the Top 25 Mexican players. The rankings are not a "best of the month" list but recent performances will affect the rankings. Here are my personal rankings with words on my selections. The accumulated Top 25 is over at FutMexSource.

  1. Chicharito Hernandez - Coming off his injury, Chicharito seems to be ready for the season. He is back to being the focal point of Bayer’s attack and was missed over the international break as Mexico’s attack had no bite. STAT: 1 goal every 97 minutes in last year’s Champions League.
  2. Andres Guardado- El Principito is Mexico’s captain and PSV’s Vice-Captain. He is a stabilizing force in the midfield for both clubs and his play has been consistent for some time now. STAT: Has 133 caps for El Tri and counting...
  3. Tecatito Corona - Seems rested coming into the season and is back to pulling highlight reel moves. He has more competition for playing time at Porto and will need to be more consistent game in and game out. STAT: Led Mexico w/3 goals in latest round of WCQ.
  4. Raul Jimenez- His big money “move” over the summer will bring more pressure to Jimenez but he seems ready for it early on. Playing with a ton of confidence for club & county. STAT: 2 goals in 123mins for Benfica this season.
  5. Hector Moreno- Steady. That’s the best way to describe Hector Moreno. He has added a strong aerial aspect to his game and is a danger on set pieces. STAT: had 6 goals in all comps last season for PSV.
  6. Hector Herrera - Has plenty of pressure on his shoulders as captain of Porto. More is expected of him and he needs to do a better job of reaching that standard. STAT: 20 career goals for Porto.
  7. Miguel Layun - Faces new competition at LB for Porto but has slotted in as RB and the results have stayed the same. Not sure where he plays once Pereira gets healthy but I’m sure JCO is watching Layun at RB and getting some ideas. STAT: 2 Assists in 202 league minutes.
  8. Gio Dos Santos - Did he decline an invite to Copa America or was he not called up? With the FMF, we will never know. What I do know is he is in the form of his life and deserves a call up in October. STAT: experiencing a career high in goals for a season with 14.
  9. Jona Dos Santos- Could be lower due to his inactivity but he is finally healthy. Villarreal will immediately slot him in at Right Midfielder. Mexico could benefit from giving him a look at DM. STAT: Up to 80 career games with Villarreal since moving from Barcelona.
  10. Javier Aquino - The move back to Mexico is just what he needed. He has rejuvenated his national team career. With Piojo’s 3-5-2 gone, he should get more opportunities with El Tri. STAT: 20 G+A for Tigres since his move last summer.

Where did I go wrong? Let me know in the comments.