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Player Ratings: Chivas vs. Chiapas, Apertura 2016

Chivas was out to prove that the emphatic win against America was no fluke

Chivas soundly defeated Chiapas 2-0 Saturday night at the Estadio Chivas for the eighth match date of the 2016 Apertura.

Matías Almeyda and company continued where they left off before the international break by putting two impressive goals on the board against Jaguares. Carlos Cisneros’ 10th minute strike was a legitimate golazo from the edge of the box. Cisneros remained involved on build up throughout the game and has become an indispensable player in Almeyda’s lineup.

In the 27th minute, Isaác Brizuela’s fine run of form led him to score another goal to make it 2-0—he scored in Chivas’ previous win against America. A fine pass from Michael Pérez made this play possible, but Brizuela’s reception and composure on the finish was also as crisp. The dainty touch to tap it over Chiapas keeper Liborio Sánchez was essential to the play and a testament to how well Brizuela has been playing of late.

Chivas’ defense was adequate and made the clean sheet a reality. However, the tenacity from Almeyda’s men on the field was the more telling attribute: players like Orbelín Pineda tracked back deep into their own half to retrieve a ball. Chivas played with a hunger for possession of the ball and it was evident as Rodolfo Cota was tested on very few occasions.

Carlos “Gullit” Peña entered the game but did little to impact the game. Chivas had plenty of opportunities and spoiled a good portion of them down to the last minute: the 91st minute featured Brizuela losing a one on one duel with Sánchez when he hammered a shot right into the goalkeeper’s frame. Chivas must improve on this as a team, but it was impressive to witness such frequent quality build up, especially with Alan Pulido entering the fray.

Chivas will be tested in these upcoming weeks, as their next Liga MX opponent will be against Toluca on Sunday, September 10th.

Rodolfo Cota: 7

Hedgardo Marín: 7

Juan Miguel Basulto: 7

Edwin Hernández: 7.5

Jesús Sánchez: 7

Javier López: 7.5

Orbelín Pineda: 7.5

Ángel Zaldívar: 6.5

Carlos Cisneros: 7.5

Isaác Brizuela: 7.5

Michael Pérez: 7


Carlos Peña: 6

Nestor Calderón: 6.5

Alan Pulido: 6.5