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El Súper Clásico: My favorite memory of Chivas vs. Club America

El Súper Clásico is always my favorite and most hated time of the season. Like most fans, when the schedule is first released, I immediately check for what week Chivas plays Club America and make sure that date is circled on my calendar. Due to this rivalry, I have experienced plenty ups and downs, mostly downs recently, along with many memorable moments.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco getting rightfully kicked in the nether regions by Felipe De Jesus Robles in 1999 and Chivas eliminating America on their way to the 11th championship in 2006 are both moments that I remember vividly, yet neither is the most memorable for me.

Let me preface this by mentioning that growing up all my closest friends were Americanistas and right around the time this Súper Clásico happened is when we were all really starting to grasp what this fandom and rivalry was all about. It was 1996 when America visited Estadio Jalisco and received the worst loss either team has gotten in this rivalry. It was a 5-0 victory for the Rebaño, with goals from Chivas' legend Ramon Ramirez and Paulo “Tilon” Chavez on future Chivas goalkeeper, Osvaldo Sanchez. It all led to the eventual firing of then America coach Ricardo La Volpe. I remember proudly wearing my Chivas jersey to school the next day, and the trolling started very early that Monday morning from my end. I have been a Chivas fan since I was a fetus, and this is my most memorable moment. I don't see Chivas topping it, not soon at least.