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El Súper Clásico: My favorite memory of Club America vs. Chivas

My favorite Super Clasico memory acts more as a reflection than an image or single play. In Clausura 2013, America defeated Chivas 2-0 with a pair of goals from Raul Jimenez. By the end of the first half, the game turned into America’s to win with Chivas losing players to injury and then eventually because of a red card.

More than Jimenez’s inspired game, this game represents the moment where America began to overtake Chivas on the who’s bigger scale. In this same tournament, America beat all three of its major rivals in the regular season, overcame the semifinal hump, and won the title miraculously under a beautiful mix of rain and disappointment from a cursed and crumbled Cruz Azul side. This Clasico shifted the league’s power over to America in a game where players like Rubens Sambueza, Diego Reyes, Jimenez, Moises Munoz and the late Christian Benitez played at their prime and formed their icon status for the club. Judging from Chivas constant instability since 2013 and America’s rise to the winningest club at 12 titles, this game had a lasting effect in the wondrous rivalry.