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Club America vs. Monarcas Morelia: Highlights

Facing his former team, Moises Munoz traced down nearly every shot from Monarcas Morelia, but a string of missed opportunities ended the game with a 1-1 draw for Club America.

Darwin Quintero and Silvio Romero had the clearest shots at goal for America. Romero sent a shot flying from outside the box to dead center of the post, and Quintero broke through three defenders but had his attempt blocked between the legs of Morelia’s diving goalkeeper.

Bruno Valdez finally cracked the dead stalemate on a header at the hour mark. Valdez’s header came on a corner set by Rubens Sambueza after beating the Morelia defense.

Shortly after the first goal, Michael Arroyo, who missed the first four games of the season because of injury, made his season debut by coming on for José Daniel Guerrero.

Nearing the 80-minute mark, Morelia tied the score with a goal from Jorge Zàrate who beat his mark for a header. Before scoring the goal Quintero had two shots on goal but missed knocking in extra security. America looked to almost fall to Morelia late in the game after a shot bounced off the right post, but Morelia squandered a second chance at goal by having Zàrate caught offside.

Morelia prevented America from scoring the tiebreaker by moving to a 4-4-2 formation to lessen the chance of an easy breakaway play. A pair of set piece plays functioned as America’s last chances, but the team couldn’t locate a shot on target.

Club America continues the season by visiting Puebla on Saturday at Estadio Cuathémoc. Morelia, on the other hand, plays host to Chiapas at the Estadio José Maria Morelos Y Pavón.