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Chivas Unveil Commemorative Kit

Chivas and Puma unveiled a special 110th year anniversary kit for the friendly versus Arsenal

Arsenal v CD Guadalajara Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Chivas and their new kit supplier, Puma, took the friendly against Arsenal to show off a commemorative 110th Anniversary kit. It was a bit of a surprise as no leaks happened until gameday when Twitter user @chivasCDG tweeted this image. It showed a new kit from Puma, including new shorts and socks.

Soon after that, the hype was building on Twitter for an actual picture of the jersey. Luckily for fans, they did not have to wait too long for one.

The Official Chivas Twitter account finally sent out an image from the locker room confirming they would be wearing them against Arsenal.

The reaction from fans and rivals alike, has been great. It features many touches Chivas supporters appreciate: such as the retro crest and Campeonismo graphic on the back. It feels like a modern kit the incorporates the great history of the club. Many are saying this should be the home kit the club wears the rest of the season. The initial reaction to Pumas first Chivas kit was much more timid than the anniversary kit. It appears they have a hit on their hands with this kit and fans will be lining up to buy it. The only problem is Puma might only me making 1,906 kits.

Thoughts on the kit? Will you be buying one?