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Hexagonal draw: Mexico could open Hex against United States

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The draw for the hexagonal, the second phase of World Cup Qualifying in CONCACAF, took place this morning. No team besides Mexico had qualified for the tournament when the draw took place. To many, this made the drawing mundane and boring, but to hardcore fans of El Tri, this was an opportunity to start speculating about future opponents and the road to the World Cup in Russia.

Following the draw, many fans of both the United States and Mexico took to social media in an excited frenzy to talk about the fact that their favorite national teams could be facing off against one another during the first match day of the hexagonal qualification process. However, in order for the match to take place the United States would have to win their first round of qualifying group. They currently sit in second place behind Trinidad and Tobago and have Guatemala nipping at their heels in third place.

Should the United States manage to win their group, a hotly contested match against Mexico in Columbus, Ohio on the first day of November is expected.

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