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Chivas unveil first Puma kits for 2016 Liga MX Apertura

Club Deportivo Guadalajara and Puma revealed the first home and away kits for the Apertura 2016.

The new Chivas home and away jerseys are here. The German brand Puma appears for the first time after being revealed as the new partner for the coming seasons. The jerseys were presented on a live transmission in the new platform Chivas TV.

"We are 11 Mexican warriors" was the opening phrase from Jose Luis Higuera, CEO of Grupo Omnilife Chivas, who was received by boos from the public. Matías Almeyda then followed Higuera's speech with one of his own, receiving the opposite reaction from the crowd.

The players appeared wearing both home and away jerseys. The home jersey features the classic stripes. The sleeves are covered in blue except for a small part that's red and has Puma's logo on it. The shoulders have a stronger looking red stripe and white and blue details leading to the blue collar. The away jersey is completely white with two diagonal red and blue stripes across the chest.

Home and Away Jerseys César Huerta

This is how the jerseys were presented

Chivas TV and Puma have officially debuted now and it's all set for the Apertura 2016. Chivas will start the tournament against Pumas in the Estadio Olímpico Universitario.