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Watch: Club America make fun of Chivas in centenary video

If you didn't know by now, Club America will be celebrating their centenary year this upcoming Liga MX season. To celebrate, the 12-time Liga MX champions have kicked things off by promoting a video making fun of their arch-rivals Chivas.

The video is part of Club America's #100AñosDeGrandeza social media campaign aimed to celebrate the club's much storied existence.

With the title "the best of your dreams or the worst of your nightmares", the minute-long video recreates the dream sequence of a Chivas fan.The video makes for some top-level banter, and it is a clever way to showcase the club's accomplishments. while at the same time getting one over their big rivals.

Chivas have yet to reply to the video, but with their new jersey presentation coming up on Thursday, there is sure to be some sort of reply coming Las Aguilas' way

For now, if you are wondering, the next Clasico Nacional is scheduled for August 27 at the Estadio Azteca. Things are already warming up.