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New 2016 Liga MX Apertura ball revealed

Alas, some news to talk about prior to the start of the 2016 Liga MX Apertura. In an announcement made in Mexico City on Tuesday night, Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla and Pachuca goalkeeper Oscar "Conejo" Perez were in charge of presenting the new ball that will be used in every Liga MX game starting July 15th.

Named "Legacy", the new ball takes a vintage spin on things, going back to a black and white scheme rather than the colorful designs of years past. Tech-wise, it is suppose to be the most modern ball used in Liga MX up to date.

In addition to being used in every professional Liga MX game, Legacy will be the official ball of every youth game that takes place within the league.

Okay, while this isn't really noteworthy news, it is actually a nice looking ball. That said, what do you think of Legacy? You can see more pictures below.