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Pumas UNAM and Cruz Azul disappoint with scoreless tie

Pumas UNAM goalkeeper Alejandro Palacios came up big to preserve a scoreless tie for Pumas against Cruz Azul. In what many expected to be the best game of the weekend, will probably end up as the worst.

Cruz Azul had the best chances in the game, especially in the first half, but neither of the teams played well and the game was filled with offensive errors. After two games so far in the season, both teams have combined for only one goal and it came off an own goal.

Cruz Azul must improve but Pumas is also needs to play better, as a large number of their fans and the expectation of the return of their coach to his old grounds of Cruz Azul, all failed to lit a fire on the team.

The game started under hot conditions and Cruz Azul had by far the best chances but terrible decisions in the final third saved Pumas from going down early. Pumas’ offensive output was nonexistent during the first half and they are still suffering from not having central defender Gerardo Alcoba.

The second half had better chances for Pumas but Cruz Azul did better with their chances, forcing Palacios to some key saves, the best of which came from a wide open header. Still, no team was able to score and especially noticeable was how both teams had no offensive cohesion.

Next week Cruz Azul will have a tough visit to face Monterrey, in what many people might view as the best game that weekend, and Pumas stays at home in Mexico city to receive Leon.