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Chivas Guadalajara vs. Veracruz, SuperCopa MX: Final player ratings


Chivas won their first title of 2016 by beating Veracruz 2-0 in the Super Copa MX. With this win, Chivas now qualify to the 2017 Copa Libertadores as Mexico # 3.

In spite of dominating most of the game, Chivas missed many opportunities and at times looked disorganized on the field. Veracruz, on the other hand, looked in pre-season form, slow and sloppy in the center of the pitch.

For most of the first half, Chivas controlled the game and enjoyed the bulk of possession. Almeyda fielded the typical starting 11 from last season, with Cisneros, Zalvidar, and Brizuela on attack. In the midfield, he placed Gulit Pena and Orbelin, with Salcido as a defensive midfielder. At defense he set his reliable four with Pereira, Salcedo, Hernandez, & Chapo Sanchez.

After taking the lead through Orbelin Pineda, the second half showed a more aggressive Veracruz. Almeyda recognizing the dominance of his opponent began making substitutionsm bringing in Chofis Lopez, Gallito Vaquez, and Omar Bravo. Bravo had little time on the field but made a big impact, scoring a late goal in the second half to seal the Chivas win and the ticket to Libertadores.Though the 2-0 was convincing and well earned, Chivas still has some details to fix before the start of the 2016 Apertura season.

Man of the Match: Orbelin Pineda

Pineda not only scored the first goal that led Chivas to victory, but he showed true form on the pitch. Throughout most of the game, he attacked and showed a superb confidence with the ball. He's a player that is not afraid to attack and take on defenders 1v1. Late in the first half, Pineda made his way into the box and blasted the shot on goal that put Chivas up 1-0. With Brizuela pushing on the right and Cisneros on the left, Pineda always came from behind his own midfield line, and most of the time, ran through Veracruz's defense.

Here are the ratings for the entire SuperCopa MX Chivas squad:

Rodolfo Cota: 7.9

Jesus "Chapo" Sanchez: 8.1

Jair Pereira: 8.7

Carlos Salcedo: 6.9

Edwin Hernandez: 7.9

Carlos Salcido: 7.5

Orbelin Pineda: 9.1

Carlos Pena: 6.7

Isaac Brizuela: 7.8

Angel Zaldivar: 6.9

Carlos Cisneros: 7.1


Eduardo Lopez: 7.5

Jose "Gallito" Vazquez: 7.0

Omar Bravo: 8.0​