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Kidnapped Mexican forward Alan Pulido is rescued alive

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After more than 20 hours in kidnapping, Mexican forward Alan Pulido has been rescued by Mexican authorities, several sources confirm.

While details of his rescue operation are unknown,  several sources close to the Secretary of Public Service can confirm the player suffered only minor injuries and will be evaluated at a local hospital.

Univision reporter Natialie Juarez first made the news official by tweeting out that the father of Alan Pulido had confirmed his son's liberation.

Since, pictures of the former Mexico national team forward have emerged with governor of Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre Cantú.

Pulido was first reported missing early Sunday morning after allegedly being taken by force by several masked individuals in their vehicles following a party Saturday.

Pulido was on vacation in his hometown of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas after winning the Greek Super League title with Olympiacos, scoring five goals and notching two assists in eight league appearances this season.