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Transfer News: Chivas looking to bring in Marco Bueno, Jesus Dueñas and Javier Aquino

Chivas have hit the offseason running and are not wasting any time. Mexican news outlet, Record, reported via their Twitter account that the club has come to an agreement with Tigres over right-back, Jesus Dueñas.

Along with Dueñas, Record also reports that Chivas are finalizing talks to acquire the services of winger, Javier Aquino, from Tigres. Both players come at the behest of Matias Almeyda, who submitted a list of players to the front office.

The acquisition of Aquino would be considered one of the early blockbuster moves of the summer in Liga MX. Since his return from Europe, the ex Villareal player has been a fundamental part of a Tigres team that won the Apertura '15 title and was the runner up in the Copa Libertadores Final.

Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara, stated on Monday afternoon in an interview with Fox Sports that the team had agreements in place for all but one of the players Almeyda requested.

Among those secured reinforcements mentioned by Vergara, Marco Bueno seems to be the player that will be coming over as part of the Raul Lopez deal. His signing would fill a need for depth at the forward position; even though, he only accumulated 1 goal this past season which is the same goal total as current Chivas forwards, Angel Zaldivar and Omar Bravo.