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Transfer News: Chivas move Raul "Dedos" Lopez to Grupo Pachuca

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A day after their early departure from the Liguilla, Chivas are back making headlines. This time with reports that they have made their first move of the season. Monday afternoon, Juan Carlos Cruz reported, via his Twitter account, that Chivas had come to an agreement with Grupo Pachuca for the sale of Raul "Dedos" Lopez. The agreement comes on the heels of the one year loan extension for goalkeeper, Rodolfo Cota, between both franchises.

Many details with regards to the agreement still remain unclear. It seems like Chivas are also attempting to negotiate a player or two away from Grupo Pachuca. The two names that are already being rumored as the players Chivas are coveting are: Marco Bueno and Luis "Chapo" Montes. Either player would be a welcomed addition to the roster and would help add the depth the team lacked in Clausura 2016.There also has not been any confirmation on whether Raul Lopez would be playing for Pachuca or Leon.

The move comes as bit of a surprise as Lopez, who lost his starting spot midway through the season, is still considered one of the most promising right-backs in the league. Many speculate that Lopez never recovered from his benching and asked for the team to transfer him. Whether this is true or not, if Lopez can get past the issues that plagued him this past season, the future is still very bright for him.