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Chivas to be without coach Matias Almeyda for second leg against Club America

Refugio Ruiz/LatinContent/Getty Images

As if Chivas were not already entering the second leg of the quarterfinals in an uphill battle, their coach, Matias Almeyda, will not be on the sidelines for their match on Sunday.

Late Friday afternoon, the Comision de Arbitraje handed down a suspension to the coach for insulting an official.

While Almeyda denied these claims, referee Cesar Ramos reported that after the game, Almeyda referred to him as a "delinquent" after questioning why a penalty was not called when William Da Silva fouled Jesus "Chapo" Sanchez in the box.

The suspension of Zaldivar was also upheld, and the Comision confirmed he would be missing the second leg. Chivas' front office, spearheaded by José Luis Higuera, confirmed that they would not be appealing the suspensions of Almeyda nor Zaldivar.

On the other side of the coin, Club America attempted to appeal the suspension of embattled captain, Ruben Sambueza, but the appeal was thrown out by Comision as they felt no error was made by the match officials.