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Club America Announce "Tour Aguila"

Club America have partnered with a marketing firm to expand their American presence.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

2016 is a big year for Club America, the team will be celebrating their 100 year anniversaryThe Sports Business Daily is reporting the club has partnered up with Primetime Sports to launch an annual tour of the US.

The tour will consist of 3 games in each of the next 2 summers. They will hold an option to extend the partnership. This year's tour kicks off with a friendly in Chicago on July 3rd versus Leon. In addition to the games, the club will try to have friendlies during international breaks in the US and other events in the lead up to the friendlies.

This is a smart move by Club America. Liga MX is consistently the highest rated league in the US, outdrawing the EPL and MLS by wide margins. Some have even said Liga MX has made the "Big 4" leagues in North America into a "Big 5". With an effective marketing plan in place, the league can grow even more in the states.

The league has improved its abysmal website but still has a long way to go to extend its reach in the US. Many Mexican clubs play sporadic friendlies in the US but Club America are one of the first to have an annual tour. It will allow them to capitalize on the large following the league has. I expect other Liga MX clubs to have a close eye on how Las Aguilas execute their tour.