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Watch: Carlos Vela nets fifth league goal in 2-1 defeat to Getafe

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Carlos Vela scored a goal for Real Sociedad in their 2-1 defeat to Getafe on Thursday night.

The Mexican forward didn't have to wait long to make an impact, scoring the game's opener in the 19th minute after a blocked cross from the left wing.

The goal in the first half was the first for Vela since La Real's 5-0 thrashing of Espanyol back in February and his fifth in La Liga season.

Despite Vela's goal, however, Getafe came from a goal down to earn an important 2-1 win that keeps the firmly in the battle to avoid relegation.

Fellow Mexican Diego Reyes also went the distance for Real Sociedad, starting in his 12th straight league games.

You can watch Vela's goal below: