Mexican National Team Ideal Starting 11

Wrote a quick medium post on my ideal Mexican Starting 11:

Mexican National Team Ideal Starting 11

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As we approach an epic run of national soccer games with Copa America, World Cup Qualifiers, Olympics and more I wanted to write a quick post on who the ideal starting 11 for the Mexican National team is.

When discussing a starting 11 we must first briefly touch upon a base formation for the Tricolor. Mexico’s newly anointed manager Juan Carlos Osorio likes to play with a 4–3–3. While I believe that the best of coaches adapt their formation and schemes to players available and opponent match-ups, the 4–3–3 formation just so happens to be Mexico’s best formation.

The squad is built for players that fit perfectly into in this scheme. We lack a world class #2 striker but have several world class winger/flank-forwards that excel at attacking from lateral positions. Whether it be diving down the flank to cross or cutting inside to create shot on goal opportunities for themselves, Mexico has the talent to fit perfectly into hybrid 4–3–3 or what some consider a 4–1–2–2–1 lineup.