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#LordLaser steals the spotlight in Liga MX Final

There is a long list of things that are wrong within Mexican fùtbol, but arguably one of the most annoying has to be the regular use of lasers in fùtbol matches.

On Thursday, the laser made its grand appearance at the Estadio Azteca, where Club America and Tigres drew for a 1-1 stalemate in the Liga MX Final first leg.

For a while, catching one of these guys on camera was like catching a legendary Pokemon, but midway through the second half, it happened! The individual manning the laser was caught red-handed by television cameras for everybody to see.

Now as expected, Twitter has shown no mercy to the culprit, branding him as #LordLaser. Pictures of the guy are out like Wanted posters, memes are in abundance, and one Twitter user somehow went all NSA and found the person’s Facebook account.

There is two lessons here. Remember los XV de Rubí? These days, folklore seems to find its way into tweets and Facebook posts. For Mexicans, fùtbol has always been an expressive genre in which every member of society can connect, and more often than not, laugh about it. #LordLaser perfectly embodies that modern connection between culture and sport. There is nothing more Mexican than laughing at ourselves, whether it is Donald Trump or losing a match of fùtbol (No era penal!).

The second lesson here is don’t bring a laser to a Liga MX stadium. You might end up with your face all over the internet like this guy.