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Should Alan Pulido stay or should he go?

As we get closer to MLS kicking off their season, the Colorado Rapids are even more eager to bring in Pulido for their preseason. But should he go?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Alan Pulido has had quite the 18 months since he came back from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Pulido immediately got into a contractual dispute with Tigres. Long story short, he got a provisional transfer to Levadiakos last January and moved to Olympiacos last summer.

As for his dispute with Tigres, well, that has not been sorted out completely. The President of Tigres believes Pulido will be suspended 2-9 months and Levadiakos/Olympiacos will face fines. In spite of all of that, he is still with Olympiacos and the Colorado Rapids have made a multi-million dollar offer for his services.

After months on the bench, Alan seems to be finally breaking into the squad. He has played 185 of his season total 204 minutes in the last 2 weeks, including 2 starts and 2 goals. His manager recently said Pulido is ready to help the team and that they are happy with Pulido's behavior and performance. Also, he mentioned injuries as one of the reasons Pulido did not get opportunities earlier.

This new playing time comes at a time when MLS teams are eager to add Mexican internationals to the league. Colorado Rapids have made several trips to Greece in recent weeks to try to convince Pulido to come stateside. Reports have Pulido turning down the move in favor of staying Europe. In a career filled with questionable decisions, is this the right one for his career?

If you would have asked me a month ago if Pulido should leave Greece in search of playing time, I would have agreed. Hell, if an MLS team wanted to bring him in with all of his baggage, the answer still would have been yes. Regardless of Mexican Soccer twitter coming after me, Pulido coming to MLS would have been fine.

But things change and so has Alan's situation at Olympiacos. All signs point to his manager giving him playing time and really figuring out what the club has in him. This makes sense due to the club having a comfortable 19 point lead in the league and they will face ramifications from his signing whether he is at the club or not. Olympiacos should try to find out what they have in Pulido to see if all the trouble the club has gone through to sign him was worth it.

If he keeps getting on the field and performing the way he has, Pulido will receive other offers. Ones that don't involve moving to Colorado in the middle of winter.