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Miguel Herrera can propel Xolos de Tijuana to success

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After days of speculation, Miguel Herrera finally signed a two-year contract with Xolos de Tijuana on Monday. From the noises coming out of the Estadio Caliente, Herrera is ready to be tasked with bringing the team's old swagger back. Here are three reasons why Miguel Herrera could be a success with the team from Tijuana.

Less pressure

You actually have to stop to remind yourself that Miguel Herrera was manager of Mexico only three months ago.If it hadn't been for the collapse of El Tri under Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre, Miguel Herrera would have never got his chance, and the fact that he coached Club America before that, speaks volumes.

The papers are crammed with stories of the national team and Club America. These are teams with high standards and high expectations to match. Herrera is almost certainly a guy used to dealing with high-pressure environments, but at Xolos, there won't be a winning-heavy doctrine weighting over his shoulders like in the past.

Xolos suits Herrera. Like manager, they too will have their transitional season. There is much to be done over the winter, but Miguel Herrera will have time. Cesar Farias and Ruben Omar Romano couldn't make the best of theirs. Perhaps Herrera can.

A point to prove

We can't sit here and pretend like the last six months never happened. Xolos were not good. They were not even close to good. Meanwhile, Herrera ended his tenure with El Tri in raucous fashion.

For Herrera, there were people who thought he deserved another chance with El Tri. Herrera always echoed this contentious view, and he now feels he has a point to prove. Xolos gets it.

Herrera is an emotionally charged person, and if he says there is a point to prove, you can expect most of his players to grasp a similar mentality.

Miguel Herrera brings a clearer picture

Unlike his predecessors, Miguel Herrera makes it clear what he expects of his teams. He always tries to impose his famous 5-3-2. He wants to make things difficult for opposing teams by striking the right balance between offense and defense. A 5-3-2 is perfect for that.

For the most part, Tijuana were really quite poor in the 2015 Apertura. Better players are required to reinforce and replace what is already there. We can't pretend to know how all this will unfold, but there's absolutely no logical reason to think that the club will not do any better than this season. With a stable platform in place, Miguel Herrera can bring the best out of his players and propel Tijuana to success.