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9 players for new Mexico manager Juan Carlos Osorio to consider

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

With Juan Carlos Osorio's trip to Europe coming to a close, it's time to run the rule over several players who deserve to have a shot with El Tri. Whilst normal service is expected to resume under Osorio, there is always the chance of a surprise or two.

Here are nine players who deserve to have another chance or shouldn't be overlooked by the new boss:

Eduardo Herrara

With Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, Raul Jimenez, and Oribe Peralta in the team, Eduardo Herrera is probably not the guy you want leading the Mexican line. But Eduardo Herrera can make Mexico look like a far more dangerous side. Herrera can hold the ball and can be deadly in front of goal. He is powerful enough to make a decent target for crosses coming from the wing and can be an interesting option off the bench.

Raul Lopez

Raul "Dedos" Lopez has gone a long way since playing for Coras de Tepic in Mexico's second tier. He is flourishing at Chivas. His confidence is boosting, and he has taken his rise to fame with great poise.

The best part of his game is his delivery. His crosses are astonishingly precise and have been a key part of Chivas' arsenal. In addition, he is a set-piece specialist, the kind El Tri haven't seen since the times of Pavel Pardo.

Arturo Gonzalez

While a noticeable improvement in his game, Arturo "Poncho" Gonzalez has been a little underwhelming for Atlas. The former U-17 World Cup champion seemed to have found his stride in the 2014 Apertura, but injuries have slowed him down. So why does he deserve a look?

Part of his success in late 2014 was his ability to excel in the less noticeable aspects of the game. He was one in an Atlas midfield full of talented internationals like Aldo Leao Ramirez and Rodrigo Millar. Playing in what seems to be his natural position in the heart of the midfield, he drifted into dangerous positions, always taking advantage of the space created by his teammates. Juan Carlos Osorio likes a player who can give his team a creative outlet in that part of the field. With an already talented array of midfielders in El Tri, Poncho could play the "No. 10" role very nicely.

Antonio Rodriguez

This has been a great season for Antonio Rodriguez. "Toño" has been excellent in a campaign that has seen steady improvement in his learning and performances.

With Guillermo Ochoa, Moises Muñoz, Alfredo Talavera, and Jose de Jesus Corona all still active, some may feel the need to wipe him out out of consideration this early. But along with 19-year-old Raul Gudiño, it is increasingly obvious that Mexico's young goalkeepers deserve a chance too.

Elias Hernandez

He is quick, he is tiredless, and most importantly, he is effective. Elias Hernandez has a range of passes to suit almost every occasion, and he isn't afraid to shoot when the opportunity comes. You can understand why he is overshadowed by the likes of Carlos Esquivel and Jesus "Tecatito" Corona, but the arrival of Osorio to the Mexican bench offers Hernandez some hope. Hernandez has found his way at Leon, and just in the last two league seasons alone, he has 13 assists to his name.

Erick Gutierrez

At his first press conference as national team manager, Juan Carlos Osorio singled out two individual youngsters for praise. One player he made a point of of paying tribute to was Erick Gutierrez.

In his still short professionall career, Gutierrez has left subtle reminders that he's quite a good midfielder to watch for. "Guti" is bold, expressive, and composed, a player with all the potential to be a star for the national team. As young midfielders go, he is one of the brightest talents in Mexico.

Carlos Alberto "Gullit" Peña

"Gullit" Peña always seemed like he would be a good fit for El Tri. He has the flair and technical skill of a No. 10, but he is tougher than that. He is energetic and enthusiastic when he wants to be but also sustains a powerful stride. His club level could have weighed him down in the past, but now he is a major part of Leon's great Apertura campaign. Like with "Poncho" Gonzalez, it is his ability to play in the heart of the midfield which should impress Osorio.

Carlos Salcedo

For all the doubts over Carlos Salcedo's move to Chivas, it seems to be working out pretty well for him. The 22-year-old works hard, runs hard, and has restored confidence to the Chivas backline. This summer, he was even part of the Mexico squad that travelled to Chile for the Copa America.

When a young Mexican defender is brave and composed like Salcedo, it makes it hard to ignore. Salcedo's development seems to be way ahead of schedule, and the Copa America should not be the last time we see him with the senior side.

Hirving Lozano

In truth, Hirving Lozano's ability has never been questioned. He is an excellent player. He is nerveless, lightning quick on the break, and deadly in space. What's also remarkable is nobody has probably seen him at his best.

A player as balanced and exciting as Lozano only brings the highest of aspirations from El Tri fans. It may be only a matter of time we see "Chucky" wearing the colors of the CONCACAF Cup Champions.