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Juan Carlos Osorio unveiled as Mexico manager: 5 things we learned

Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

Juan Carlos Osorio delivered his first press conference as Mexico manager.

El Tri's newest manager arrived in Mexico City as media got to ask him his first questions since arriving to the Mexico national team.

Here is what we learned from his first press conference.

1) He has an immigrant story many can relate to

Osorio opened his part of the press conference by modestly describing how he first got to learn about Mexican soccer by living as an immigrant in New York.

Osorio recalled moving to the United States at a young age and sharing experiences with Mexicans by working in construction, restaurants,  and landscaping in search of the American dream.

One thing Osorio says he learned, "[Mexicans] are ready to make sacrifices for what they want."

2) Osorio targets an attacking style

Osorio confessed he has been a long admirer of Mexico's style of play and will look to replicate an attacking style.

"I remember Mexico as being one of the teams that played more attacking football. When the opportunity came to coach Mexico, we didn't hesitate for a second."

"We see a footballing country that goes forward in search of getting results."

3) Osorio is eager to manage expectations

When asked about eying a place in the famous "quinto partido" (quarterfinals) of the next World Cup, Osorio showed confidence.

"I think there are enough merits and important points to show the players and convince them that there is a possibility of reaching that fifth game."

4) "Naturalizados" not an issue for Osorio

The use of foreign-born players in the Mexico national team has been a daunting issue for many managers in recent times. But Osorio sees no problem with taking them into consideration.

"With foreign-born players, I think the most important thing is to choose the players most capable of helping the national team.

5) El Tri will get together again on November 9

The clock is already counting down for Juan Carlos Osorio's November 13 debut against El Salvador.

On November 9 and 10, Osorio will hold his first practices with his new players as El Tri get ready to open their World Cup qualifying campaign.