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Mexico vs. Peru: Final score 0-0, Domestic-based El Tri fail to impress

Chepo de la Torre's domestic squad didn't do much to inspire optimism on Wednesday night in San Francisco.

Stephen Dunn

It would be unfair to cast judgement on Mexico or Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre after a domestic-based friendly no matter the result, but with the struggles El Tri have had in the Hex, their listless performance in a 0-0 draw with Peru on Wednesday night is going to raise some eyebrows. The team was devoid of ideas in the final third and generally unimpressive as they added yet another draw to their string of them in 2013.

Pablo Barrera provided Mexico with one bright spot as he showed some of the same dynamism that made him such a force for El Tri before he tore his ACL. The winger, like most of his teammates, struggled to find options and play the correct ball when he got near goal, but he was quick on the ball and caused problems for the Peru defense when given space to run. Considering the trouble that Mexico have had on the right wing of late, be it with Javier Aquino or Giovani dos Santos, Chepo had to be excited and encouraged by what Barrera showed.

Unfortunately for Mexico, Barrera was one very few players who looked bright. Hugo Ayala was strong at the back and made his case to partner Hector Moreno going forward, while Jorge Torres Nilo put in his best shift in a Mexico shirt. Raul Jimenez also had a couple nice moments up top, but that was about the end of the list of impressive performances and if Jimenez falls into the "impressive" category then it is a low bar.

For all their troubles, Mexico did have a chance to win the match in the 69th minute when Christian Ramos was judged to have taken down Omar Bravo in the area. It was a very, very soft penalty, but a penalty nonetheless and Mexico wasn't going to turn down the opportunity, but it went for naught. Angel Reyna's spot kick was poor and Jose Carvallo was able to save it easily.

With a penalty wasted, Mexico wasn't going to win. They slumped to another draw and another underwhelming performance. Being a friendly with domestic-based players only, it isn't a match you can draw too many conclusions from or even put much stock in, but that probably won't stop some people from stoking the fire on Mexico and Chepo.