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Bloody Monday: Monarcas Morelia, San Luis both fire managers

Following bad results over the weekend, both Eduardo Fentanes and Ruben Omar Romano are now unemployed.

Fans of Monarcas Morelia at an away match.
Fans of Monarcas Morelia at an away match.
user Vivodefutbol on Flickr

Two managers have been relieved of duty by their Liga MX clubs on Monday following poor results over the weekend. One, Eduardo Fentanes, could hardly make an argument for deserving to keep his job. The other, Ruben Omar Romano, will feel differently.

Fentanes has failed to guide San Luis to a win in the first seven weeks of play this Clausura season. They currently sit bottom of the table on two points, but more importantly, have crept back into the race for relegation. Queretaro appeared to be a near-lock for the drop earlier in the year, but San Luis is fading quickly enough that they could potentially finish with a lower coefficient than the Gallos Blancos.

Romano will likely feel a bit hard done by after being let go by Monarcas Morelia. He's won just two games this season, but Morelia is only one game out of a Liguilla place, and this weekend's 1-0 away loss to UNAM Pumas was hardly an embarrassing result. Sergio Santana and Hector Mancilla have not replaced the goal-scoring of Miguel Sabah and Rafael Marquez Lugo, who now play for Chivas, and it's tough to put that on Romano.