Torta Tuesday: Jornada 7


I've made the unwise decision to eat a torta while writing this column. The pictured torta is the one I just took down (chile relleno topped with manchego and chorizo). Side effects of this new process are currently unknown. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the end of this column becomes garbled gibberish as I gently slip in to a food coma.


Who's the big winner?: Tijuana

I'll be the first to admit, I've been a doubter of the Xolos. I was totally on board with Antonio Mohammed last season and the way he had his team playing. However, I fully anticipated some regression this season as the league caught up to their style of play and the first year buzz wore off. This has not been the case as Tijuana are currently in great form and looking like a real danger come Liguilla time.

While a win over Chiapas at home is nothing to get overly excited about, this is exactly the type of matchup a pretender would have slipped up with. Tijuana continues to take care of business and sits in second place in the league. Not too shabby for the Xolos.

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