Quiniela, anyone? (For Jornada 3)

I do a quiniela over at YahooAnswers. Thought I'd try it here, too. Not a straight pickem, but based on game odds. Anyone wanna try?

Santos v. Puebla (19/43/69)
Tijuana v. Pumas (26/41/36)
Morelia v. SanLuis (21/42/55)
CruzAzul v. Chivas (24/41/41)
Queretaro v. Pachuca (31/39/30)
Monterrey v. Chiapas (21/42/51)
Atlas v. Tigres (30/40/32)
Toluca v. Leon (23/41/46)
Atlante v. America (33/42/28)

How to: In the comments, predict the result (winner/empate) for each game. Also, predict the scores if you want.
In parentheses are the points, based on game-betting odds, you'll get for each correct prediction (Home/Empate/Away).
Correctly picking underdogs (See Puebla, above) gets more points.
Scores should average out to 100 points. So basic goal is to get at least 100 points.
Deadline is Friday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific/California time, when the first game kicks off.

FYI, points based on these game odds:

TIJ (43/27/30) PUM
MOR (53/27/20) SL
CAZ (46/27/27) CVS
QTO (36/28/26) PAC
MTY (52/26/22) CPS
STS (58/26/16) PUE
ATS (37/28/35) TIG
TOL (49/27/24) LEO
ATE (34/27/39) AME