New Mexican League in 2013

Bad online Translation but you can kinda get the point.

The FMF quote 6 technicians and 7 players that brought over the new League; Tuca, Torrado, Luis Perez and Chaco between those who felt.

Several chains journalists met with the FMF to give their points; Orvañanos, Medrano, Murrieta, De Valdes, Aguilera, ELopez and Ocampo plans of the FMF to improve the Mexican soccer:

1. increase from 18 to 20 teams participating in the tournament

2. Ascend to Veracruz, Necaxa, Leon and/or Neza, - to reach 20, carry out a mini tournament with students (descended) Leon, Veracruz, Necaza and/or Neza; the triumphant two amount - the end of promotion, between road runner and the champion of this tournament remains normal, hence there is no change.

3 Remove the short tournaments and thus give step to long tournaments with League - tries to mimic as they are shaped and its system of competition from the major leagues of Europe

4. Get a sponsor for the name of the tournament. EJ. "Santander" Mexican League - which more money and interest offered by sponsor and nominate the Mexican League are Bancomer, Santander and Roshfrans

5. Reduce the capacity of foreigners. They will only allow foreign 4 by team

6. Create tournament Cup. Similar to the Copa del Rey in Spain.

7. Conditions for foreigners: one of 4 aliens has played with the greatest selection of his country

8. Return to the Copa Sudamericana. And give priority to the Copa Libertadores

9. Separate the FMF in the League. Create an agency to deal exclusively with the tournament

10. Project and invest the League of ascent. Increase your equipment and improve infrastructure

11. More instruction to arbitration, convert them into true profession--the computer is not in discussion and will continue; they see it as an advantage to support novice referees.

12.Good CALENDARIZACION. Change schedules that are not empalmen parties--the players proposed to not be played at noon already than that, in his view, detract from performance football.
-For the new Premier League was proposed to test the timetable of the Monday Night Football

13 improve from playing conditions; try to be a "green carpet" pitch European-style

14. .Eliminate the percentage, and the descended is the worst of each long tournament.

15 Work on codes of ethics and discipline in football players, i.e., they are not thrown, not "make time", fairplay…

16 Protocols of entertainment: go to the stadium is a true spectacle in all senses

17. Work on basic forces: virtually all teams invest and potencialicen their quarry marketing: reach and convince the fan. Agreements with several brands to spread the League and players.

18. Work in teams rivalries and thus cause the full support of the fans 20 search generate idols for the fans.

Generate a true identity with the team and the League