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Never Say Never with Chicharito

Javier "Chicharito" Hernández's story owns a movie feel -- when he is on top of the world, an entire country feels goosebumps of joy and pride.

Michael Regan

The game ends 3-2, and the broadcast commentator states, "Never say never with Manchester United." Javier Hernández Bálcazar grabs the game ball and walks around a Villa Park pitch that saw him play one of his most remarkable Premier League matches. He walks towards his teammates who congratulate the Mexican star. He drops the ball to give them a real hug of appreciation, not a semi-hug with the ball in the way. The ball is not important, the goals produce a mixture of sensations and help get a win, but at the end of the day Chicharito cares about the team – he’s a team player.

Once again Chicharito sits atop the world stage, and with hard work is winning the admiration of the football loving masses. Piers Morgan, host of Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN and hardcore Arsenal fan, tweeted – "Amazing how annoying one Little Pea can be." Hernández is annoying to those who see him as a world-class forward. Chicharito plays with more than two lungs, sees the box like no other forward, and embodies professionalism, charisma, and energy like no other player of our time.

Sergio Santomé, author of the Estadio Santomé blog and Radio Marca commentator in Marcador Internacional and Marcador, posted on his Twitter feed that Chicharito has scored eight goals in his last 360 minutes played; a goal each 45 minutes. This momentous and versallesco moment happens after a turbulent time period that saw Chicharito receive boos, and his name associated with other European clubs.

"I think this season we’ll see a better Chicharito. For the last four or five years he’s played all through the summer. This year, with the co-operation of Mexico, he’s had a proper rest," said Sir Alex Ferguson on August 1, 2012. Ferguson made this statement several weeks before landing Robin Van Persie to his Manchester United side. His prophetic words are now on display.

Javier Hernández is living one of the greatest moments of his career, and all is thanks to his patience and continued focus on his game. Chicharito knows that the profession of a footballer is a special one, especially as a striker. There are times that the ball does not want to enter the goal, while other times even with bad reception or poor finishing, Little Pea manages to sink the ball in the goal. Yes, never say never to Manchester United is one of football’s holy sayings, but the "never say never with Chicharito" will be gaining momentum.