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Club America v Chivas Guadalajara: It's Super Clasico Time Again

The Clasico of Mexico returns again. Chivas and America face off today at the Estadio Azteca. Follow here for match preview and game thread.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

For the past several years, the Super Clasico has generated similar reactions and sentiments among fans of Mexican soccer. For supporters of America and Chivas it was the time to prove their superiority on the playing field and also in the hearts of the Mexican people. For everyone else, it was the time to complain about how this wasn't even the marquee match of the weekend. The funny thing is that all of these contingents were pretty spot on with their feelings.

Chivas and America haven't been the class of Mexico for some time. While the teams of the north have flexed their muscles, the two superpowers have been a touch less than super and not really that powerful. Neither team has won a championship since 2006. With two seasons every calendar year, this is the twelfth season since the two biggest clubs have raised the trophy. While rarely bottoming out, the two clubs have remained competitive and have occasionally looked capable of getting back to the top of the mountain.

At the same time, in the grand scheme of Mexican soccer, it doesn't really matter. America and Chivas still draw all of the attention due to the volume of their followings. Not to mention all of the supporters of other teams who will be hate-watching them. Attendance has suffered at the Azteca and the Omnilife, yet everyone is still watching at home. The supporters of Santos, Tigres, Monterrey, and now even Tijuana are known to have a rabid fan bases. Yet these are predominately regional supporters. America and Chivas have national followings. The fans might not always be able to get to the match, but they will still be slapping on their team colors every weekend. No, this match isn't the best of the weekend (Tijuana v Toluca takes that honor), but it is the one the most people care about.

Signs are, however, pointing in the positive direction for both of these clubs. Chivas seem to be finally turning the corner and starting to get some positive results under John Van't Schip. If Johan Cruyff could keep owner, Jorge Vergara, from firing him after the next bad loss, they may really be starting to build something. At the very least they can start to generate some consistency. America have slowly built up from their debacle of a season a year ago. They qualified for the semifinals last seaon, but weren't in the same class as their competition at that point. This season they look like they've turned the corner. They are playing tight defense while featuring dangerous attacking threats. They may not be the favorite, but they seem as likely to take the title as any team this year.

We'll be keeping a game thread going of this match here. Since we know you'll be watching, please chime in with your thoughts below.