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Who's buying Ricardo La Volpe's position at Estudiantes Tecos? Bueller?

Ricardo La Volpe, while managing Monterrey in 2008.
Ricardo La Volpe, while managing Monterrey in 2008.

Quick show of hands. Does anyone think that Jose Luis Salgado isn't currently worried about his job security? In a football league where managers are in and out in a matter of a small number of matches, rather than seasons, Estudiantes Tecos have just hired experienced manager Ricardo La Volpe as an adviser. The Argentinian manager was most recently the manager of Banfield in Argentina and has recently managed the Costa Rican national team. He has extensive experience managing in Mexico and was the manager of El Tri from 2002 to 2006.

Tecos fell to Toluca 3-1 in their season opener, and it was a deserved three points for the Red Devils as Ivan Alonso put together a great performance. With Queretaro and Tijuana looking like at least average, if not above-average sides, Tecos is very much in danger of getting relegated if they can't put together a decent 2012 Clausura. After the first round of fixtures, they are the bottom team in the relegation coefficient.

La Volpe was introduced as an adviser on Sunday, with Tecos team president José Antonio Leaño emphasizing that La Volpe is simply there to advise both him and Salgado in player acquisition and tactics. He then gave Salgado the dreaded vote of confidence.

What's the over/under on the round in which Salgado loses his job, with La Volpe appointed as the manager in an attempt to fight off relegation? Somewhere around Jornada 6 is my guess.