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Mexican League Starting to Heat Up

With only seven rounds left to play, an exciting end to the Apertura 2011 season is in store for fans of the Mexican Primera. Currently, just six points separate first from fifteenth in the standings, and a new league format has added a sense of welcome simplicity.

If one theme could sum up the Apertura season so far, it would be unpredictability.

Jaguares finished bottom of the general table last season and lost their first two of the Apertura. Things quickly shifted though, as they are currently sitting in first place after ten games, with a goal difference of +3. 

One week Puebla wins 4-1 at Chivas, one of the favorites for the title, and the next week lose at home against Santos.

America fans have suffered from what is generally considered to be a disastrous start to the season by their team. Yet despite their much-documented struggles, America is just four points out of a playoff spot with seven games to play.

Every team, including lowly Atlas, averages over a goal per game. In comparison, there are seven teams that have scored less than a goal per game after six games of the English Premier League.

A welcome addition this season has been the new format for playoff qualification, whereby the top eight go through, simple as that. No more Group A, Group B and Group C, plus working out the best third-placed finishers as in previous years. Your team has to be in the overall top eight or it does not advance to the post-season.

Only Atlas and Tijuana appear to have little to zero chance of making the playoffs, but they have their own relegation battle to fight along with Estudiantes Tecos.

In summary, every single team still has lots to play for, which is great news for the league and even better news for the fans.