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Green Day: Your Thoughts On The New Jaguares de Chiapas Jerseys

The Jaguares de Chiapas Green Machine.
The Jaguares de Chiapas Green Machine.

If you didn't recognize the team beating up on Club America Saturday evening, yes that was Jaguares de Chiapas. Instead of their usual bright orange jerseys, Jaguares took the field sporting brand new green and black striped shirts. Wearing unfamiliar colors, Jaguares also ended up in unfamiliar territory following the match. Saturday's 5-3 win over America pushed the club from Chiapas all the way to first place in the Mexican Primera league standings.

Was it the new green jerseys that lifted Jaguares to new heights (or just another uninspiring effort from America)? Club officials have stated that the new colors were just a one-time affair, with the green intended as a nod to the jungle environment of the state of Chiapas. Fan reactions were certainly mixed, but the jerseys did at least get people talking. So what was your take? Let us know your thoughts on the new green kits below.