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Copa America 2011, Mexico Vs. Chile: Kickoff Time, TV Info, And Open Match Thread

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Hey guys. I have family commitments on July 4, and since Eben, Tom, and Nick haven't told me about their plans to write things on that day (and since it's a big holiday in America) I assume the same goes for them. So, I won't be around to do any coverage of either this 2011 Copa America match between Mexico and Chile or the 2011 FIFA Under-17 World Cup quarterfinal match between Mexico and France, but I wanted to give you guys all of the information you need to follow the games. Here's all of the info on the Copa America match. A post with all of the info on the U-17 World Cup match and the open thread for that game is scheduled to go up an hour after this. 

Mexico vs. Chile

Time: 8:45 pm ET

Venue: Estadio del Bicentenario, San Juan, Argentina

TV: Univision

Online: Youtube

Yup, if you didn't know, the entire tournament is being streamed live on youtube. Hopefully ya'll use this as a space to chat about the game in our absence. Normal service resumes later this week. Have a happy fourth!