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Mexico At Copa America 2011: Okay, Seriously, How Screwed Is The Sub-22 Side?

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Tomorrow, we'll get to actually previewing the match between Mexico and Chile, which kicks off the 2011 Copa America for El Tri's sub-22 side, but today I have a question for the readers. How screwed is Mexico?

The prostitution scandal hit hard. Really hard. Last week, I wrote about how Mexico's lineup will change without the suspended players. I haven't changed how I feel about Mexico's prospective lineup and how it matches up against Chile and Uruguay. If anything, I'm considerably less optimistic for Mexico than I was last week.

So, what do you guys think? Does Mexico have a chance of nicking a point off of either Chile or Uruguay? I guess if Bolivia drew Argentina, truly anything is possible, but I'm not seeing it. Both of those teams have way too much quality to let a Mexico team with no quality out wide or up top defeat them. The back line will hold their own, but who's going to score? Giovani dos Santos isn't superman.

If you totally disagree with me and you think Mexico are going through, please explain why in the comments. Or, if you think they're toast, explain that as well. I'll pop into the discussion at some point.